Operating conditions

Products Clean, non-abrasive liquids and gases as well as liquefied gases, e. g. water, chemicals, oils, lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, distillates, air, process gases, purge gases
Measuring ranges liquids 10 l/h-120m³/h; 5-32,000 GPH
Measuring range gases (referenced to athmospheric operating pressure) 500l/h-2800m³/h; 25-100,000 SCFH
Process temperature -200...+400°C; -328...-725°F
Process pressure Up to 900 barg; 13,000 psig, higher pressures on request
Ambient temperature -40...-120°C; -40...+248°F (+70°C; -158°F for electronic modules)
Housing protection IP66/68 or NEMA 4X/6, IP69K on request
Installation recommendations In accordance with VDI/VDE 3515 sheet 3
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